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TENDA Newly Had Vancouver Family ETL Certified

TENDA glad to announce to you all that we have Vancouver family ETL certified October 2022,   Vancouver is the latest evolution of PROLIGHT down light system. In addition to aesthetic design, precise light control and gear UGR, the versatility of Vancouver, underwritten by its compact format and super modular design, one LED Module shares numerous mounting ring, display particular strength in hotels, residential, or any indoor commercial environments. Round as well as square designs with adjustable and fixed options, in various wattage enable nuanced adaptations to different needs.



Simple Guidelines On Using Your Product Certification Mark.

You’ve done the hard work in developing a product that complies with applicable standards and have been authorized to apply the ETL
Certification Mark. Now what? You should merchandise the mark to add value to your product and your brand.


Making the Mark Work For You Congratulations! Your certification is complete and the terms and conditions of your certification have been met.  
The ETL Mark is evidence to your customers and the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) that your product meets applicable standards and that a program of ongoing audits has been set in place. Your ETL Certification can help build confidence in you and your business; we encourage you to display the ETL Mark proudly in advertising,salesliterature, and user documentation. Properly used, it can be a powerful marketing aid General Guidelinesfor Using the ETL Mark Ensuring proper usage of the mark isthe responsibility of the Applicant, and oversight/surveillance in the marketplace is regularly conducted by Intertek to protect its trademarked assets. Please remember:

The terms and conditions of your certification take precedence over any other Mark usage information.

Use of the ETL Mark On Your Product ETL artwork for a certified product that you create and print yourself – or have a printer outside of Intertek print for you – will need to consist of the following three items:The ETL certification mark

The control number issued by Intertek for the applicant and manufacturer combination appearing on the test report.

The wording for the standardsto which the product wastested (e.g. “Conformsto UL STD XXXX” or “Certified to CSA STD XXXX”.  

The artwork can be, but is not limited to, a sticker‐like label, metal nameplate, laser etch, and stamp.  The ETL mark, control number, and wording for the standardsshould be visible after the product isinstalled. Any requestsfor additional

label/marking requirement information, ETL certification marks, and reviewing label artwork should be sent to etl‐label.approvals@intertek.com or call 312‐283‐1691.


Use of the ETL Mark On Literature, Advertising, And Other Marketing Material.

The ETL Mark may be incorporated into a wide variety of marketing materials, ranging from trade show displays and direct marketing, to print and electronic brochures, user manuals, coupons, websites, newsreleases, newsletters, and much more.

Care must be taken to ensure that all applications of the ETL Mark in your promotional material refer only to a current, valid certification. There are a few easy‐to‐follow rules on the use
of the Mark:

You may enlarge or reduce the Mark proportionally, but it cannot be changed in any other way. On literature, the minimum size of reproduction should be 25mm (1”) wide.

Be sure that it’s clear to a reader/buyer which product is being referred to as “certified”. Do not place the mark at random on a catalog page full of products – some of which may be ETL certified and othersthat are not. Make it abundantly clearso asto not confuse the reader.  

Do not claim your product as “UL Certified by Intertek” or “CSA certified by Intertek” simply because the product wastested to UL or CSA standards. Those certification marks are the trademarked property of UL
LLC and CSA Group, respectively. 

When the Mark is placed on a product or package, 100% black or white printing is always acceptable, or engraved/embossed onto the product, assuitsthe location of the Mark on the product.

If you wish to include text that refersto the Mark, or make reference to Intertek, you mustsubmit it to Intertek for approval. Submit request to icenter@intertek.com with draftsamples of usage, proposed web pages and locations, and any other

pertinent information.

The ETL Certification Mark should be prominently displayed on your product’s packaging so customers will know that you’ve taken the appropriate stepsfor testing, inspection, and certification.


When the Mark isincluded on packaging, it clearly conveysthe message that the model/product itself bearsthe Mark.  
Nevertheless, please remember that it is not a substitute or replacement for the required model/product marking, unless agreed with the local certification office.

Help Yourself 
 Take advantage of your model/product certification. It is a marketing tool for you! We are ready to supply you with the artwork and the usage approvals you need. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Remember, to be eligible for your product to bear Intertek’s ETL certification you will need:
• Tests and evaluations(completed)
• Certification Agreements(completed,
signed, dated and returned to Intertek)
• Any required Initial Factory Inspection
(completed and successful)
• Authorization to Mark certificate / Mark
License (signed, dated and received by the
To get copies of the artwork, contact your local certification office.

Post time: Nov-04-2022